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Graphic USA Application Tips

You will need the following tools to apply your new graphics:
  • 100% Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle with water, soapy water or Simple Green
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Clean towel and credit card or plastic squeegee
1. Clean your plastic with 100% rubbing alcohol. If your bike is new, you will want to remove any silicone left on the plastic from manufacturing. If you are applying your graphics on plastic that has had old decals removed, be sure to clean any left over adhesive. Contact cleaner or break cleaner works well but be sure to finish the cleaning process with 100% rubbing alcohol. Also be sure to clean your hands well so you don't transfer oil from your skin on to the graphic.

2. Spray the clean plastic with a mist of water or soapy water to help with alignment and remove the backing from the vinyl graphic. I often use Simple Green to help with alignment and it seems to work well since it's biodegradable and doesn't break down the adhesive properties of the vinyl.

3. Start at one end and align the graphic as you move to the other end while using the plastic to squeegee out the liquid. Apply heat as you move along to help with curves and bends in the plastic. If you are applying the graphic to a flat surface, heat & water is not needed.

4. Taking the plastic off the bike usually works best since you can move it around and adjust your application more easily. Again, if it's a small bike with flat surfaces this may not be necessary. For big bikes, especially a 250F or 450F it's much easier if you remove the plates to apply graphics. Then apply the air box graphic after putting the plates back on the bike for correct alignment. If you end up with a bubble or two, just poke them with a pin to push the air out.

5. The best advice of all for big bike owners is to take your time and try to not get frustrated. 450's can be a pain when it comes to number plates, but if you take your time you can get them just right. If you are having a hard time and race in Minnesota, I've been known to help people apply their graphics at the track with my heat gun & Simple Green so just let me know. None of the graphics I've applied have had a problem in the past.

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